Your “GOOD NEWS,” story….Soccer star Tim Howard, your invited!


Photo ABC News

Photo ABC News

The world is going crazy about superstar goalkeeper Tim Howard!  He is an example of what life is all about; when I heard him speak I could feel his humility as if he was a part of something, not a “I’m a hero,” type person.

I would call Tim, “A MAN WITH NO EGO,” the world does not revolve around him; he revolves around the world, and that’s not just “The World Cup!” Hay Tim, come on and join our “Good News Gang!”




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According to ABC news, he was randomly tested for drugs, right after the U.S. loss to Belgium 2-1, and missed some of the celebration on his 16 saves.  Tim most likely, had no hesitation for the test since his life is based on living a “Natural High,” which is the name of a nonprofit anti-drug organization that he supports and is a spokesman.

Tim, has gained respect from around the world not only for his skill as an athlete, but the challenges he faced as a child. At an early age, he acquired Tourette Syndrome,(TS) which is  a neurological disorder and causes involuntary movement of the body. His involvement with National Tourette Syndrome Association has brought international awareness and hope to many.

Being in public with this disorder frightens many who are unaware of the effects of TS, and ridicule from other children happens way too often. However, Tim  gives credit to all these challenges and being raised by a single mother as the motivator, that gave him the strength  to do the one thing he does best, play soccer!  We may even see Tim on “Dancing with the Stars?”

THIS IS WHAT “GOOD NEWS STORIES,” IS ALL ABOUT; Good news and videos that you can talk about! It’s not about money, were not selling anything. 

AND THERE’S MORE…. You can be a part of the free, “Good News Gang!”  Sorry; we don’t allow the,  “Glass Half Full,” or “Partly Cloudy,” people.

Our Mission...."HAVE FUN & GET SOMETHING DONE!" Image; Matt Petronzio

Our Mission….”HAVE FUN & GET SOMETHING DONE!” Image; Matt Petronzio

The only requirement for the Good News Gang is….just ONE thing….“COURAGE!” When someone is talking about all the bad stuff in the world, just say….”I HAVE SOME ‘GOOD’ NEWS!” that’s it, pass it on.

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source… Tim Howard ABC news